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We are proud to hold a Designated Professional Body (DPB) License allowing us to undertake general insurance distribution activities in the UK.  The RICS Designated Professional Body Scheme is a UK regulatory programme approved by HM Treasury and UK's Ministry of Finance.



ARS (London) Ltd can manage and resolve building claims for Insurers, loss adjusters, policyholders and their advisors.  We specialise in the HNW market and historic built environment and we often engage on complex claims that require robust project management and accurate financial control.

Our Director holds a BDMA Insurance technician qualification and is a Chartered Surveyor member of RICS.  He has many years experience dealing with and managing building insurance losses.


It is important that your building is adequately insured whilst not being over insured.  We regularly undertake reinstatement cost assessments throughout the UK to provide a day one sum insured for insurance purposes.  Our assessments are detailed and thorough, taking into consideration external and environmental factors as well as special features and building services installations - all of which have a considerable affect on the insurance valuation. 

Thermal Imaging (also known as 'Infrared Thermography') uses heat-sensitive cameras to detect subtle differences in temperatures.

Reduce Heat Loss

Quickly find air leakage, thermal bridging and cold areas in residential and commercial buildings.

Improve Comfort

Locate the root cause of thermal discount by finding cracks and unintentional openings.

Building Compliance

We make it easy to see heat loss, providing valuable insight and enabling you to fix any issues that you are unaware of. Simple, easy-to-understand digital reports for yourself, clients or customers allowing you to maintain your building and improve performance.

Property Management

Thermal Imaging provides non evasive investigations for buildings eliminating the need to physically inspect behind a finished structure.

Typical Defects

  • Poor Construction

  • Thermal / Cold Bridging

  • Missing or Damaged Insulation

  • Moisture & Water Ingress

  • Air Leakage & Unintentional Openings

  • Poor Thermal Comfort

  • Damp & Mould

Types of Property

  • Residential

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Insurance Claims

  • Heritage & Historic Environment 



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